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After the imam says salam i stand up and recite surah fatiha do i need to recite a surah after fatiha

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After the imam says salam i stand up and recite surah fatiha do i need to recite a surah after fatiha. I am of the habith of not reciting any surah after fatiha because i start counting my first rakah from the point i joined the prayer(which is 2nd in this example). But a friend of mine told me that what i do is ok and what he does is also ok. He recites a surah after fatiha saying that he has missed a surah recited by the imaam and is making up for it. Is it ok? 2.When we are about to end our prayer by saying salam our face is in the middle of our shoulders.I wanted to know the place from which we should start saying salaam when we turn towards left. A person said it should be from the middle(the position of our face just before we say salaam towards the right side) and not when my face is towards my right shoulder. Is it correct.I have seen many people make a very very short pause in the middle and then start saying salaam towards the left. Is this ok?. 3.What niyaah should we have when we say salaam at the end of our prayers.Is there a purpose of saying salaam(whom do we say the salaam to. Is it for the angels on either side of shoulders). 4.When should one get up to continue with the remaining of his prayers(when he has joined late)after the imam says salam. Should he stand up when the imam begins saying the salam to his left side or should we stand up when he has completed saying the salam on the left side.


1. When a person is making Qadhaa of a missed Rakaat, then it is necessary upon him to read Surah al-Faatiha and a Surah after that. (Aalamgiri vol.1 pg.91)

2. We are unable to locate the exact position of doing the salaam when turning towards the left from the right. However, it has been mentioned in the Hadith of Hadhrat Aaisha (Radhiallaahu Anhu) that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) used to make salaam in Salat with his face in front and then he used to turn his face towards the right. (Mishkaat pg.88)

3. There are three instances; a) Either a person is an Imaam (leading the prayer), b) A Muqtadi (following the Imaam), and c) A Munfarid (reading Salaat individually). When making salaam, the Imaam will make intention for the men, women, children, haemophrodites, angels and the pious Jinnaat. The Muqtadi will make intention for the Imaam on the right if he (the Imaam) is to the right of him and on the left if the Imaam is to the left of him and he will make intention for the Imaam on both sides if he is directly behind the Imaam. He will also make intention for the angels and pious Jinns and the Munfarid will make intention for the angels. (Tahtawi pg.223)

4. A person should stand up to complete his missed Rakats after the Imaam has completed both the salaams. He should also wait a very short while to make sure that the Imaam is not going to make Sajda-e-Sahw. (Aalamgiri vol.1 pg.91; Ahsanul Fatawa vol.3 pg.376)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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