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I want to become a alim but my mom does not allow me. 1.How do i persuade my mum. 2.Where should i go, masjidul inaminah, zakaria or another masjid i heard of a real big one in south

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africa.. 3.How is South africa like the darru ollom and surrounding area is it hot or cold. What is the most used language urdu, english? e.t.c I always hear there is robberies and murders is this true. 4And after one becomes a alim should they get a job or let the trustees pay them or have tawakkul and just let the Allah provide.5 How do you get a sijdah spot, what is it, did prophet Muhammad s.a.w have it. .6 if someone has money should they show it by wearing good clothes so he doesn’t look poor.7what is the best kitab You have read besides quran and hadith.8.if someone lives in a country which has not much masjids or some other similar problem and they are a alim should they move to a different country where more masjids are and more trustees are.9. are there any kankas in the world.10.If someone wants to reform themselves should they (a) become a alim(b)go for 4 months(c) stay with a a sufi for 40 days(d)stay in a kankah.. 11.what do you do if you have not enough money in becoming a alim like paying the fees ,is becoming a alim free. 12. Could u please tell me the story of abu zar ghafari radiyalaho anho and a little bit about abdul gilani rahmullahi alay (I heard he had 10000 mureed at one time) And my final queation is should someone focus really on what is halal and what is haram (the fard and wajib) until they are perfect. instead of focusing on the sunnah and mustahab.


1. Try to persuade her by explain to her the benefits of studying Deen and the impact it would have on you spiritually. Also make Du’aa.

2. You should study wherever your heart is at ease. We suggest you make Istikhaara for this.

3. The summers are mild ? about 30 ? 30 degrees and the winters are a bit cold about 5 ? 25 degrees.

4. The spoken language is English. Urdu is taught as a language and it is also a medium of instruction from the third year of studies onwards.

5. Robbery and murder is common like a number of other countries but it is not as bad as the media portrays it to be.

6. He may get a job or get into his own business whilst relying on Allah at the same time believing Him to be the sole provider.

7. A Sajdah spot is generally referred to as a mark appearing on the forehead from excessive Sajdah. This happens to people with sensitive skin. This mark does not hold any relevance. The Ahaadith do not make mention of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) having such a mark.

8. If the person can afford it, he should dress properly because Allah loves to see the effects of His blessings upon His servants.

9. There are a number of books on various fields. Which particular field are you enquiring about and why?

10. No, he should remain there and try to establish Deen.

11. Yes, there are a number of Khanqahs in the world.

12. He should study and simultaneously develop a spiritual link with a pious Sufi.

13. The Madrasah has arrangements for poor students who are unable to afford the fee.

14. One should focus on the whole Deen including the Sunnahs and Mustahabaat. Obviously, more emphasis will be placed upon the fundamental obligations than the Sunnats and the Mustahabbaat.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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