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1) How can we know the results of Istikhara? 2) Is there any dua that can help me control my temper?

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Assalam-o-Alaikum 1) How can we know the results of Istikhara? How important are dreams in interpreting the results of istikhara? I have read somewhere that Dreams are not important in istikhara beacause they are of three types: glad tidings from Allah, whispering from the soul or frightening thoughts from Shytaan (at-Tirmidhi, IbnMajah) so u cannot know that whether the dream a person had is of which kind.Is this true??I have done Istikhara about some issues but i have never had a clear dream except once and that decision proved good for me. So i usually take my decision in accordance with the feeling that i have after istikhara.But then i get confused that i might make a wrong decision.Kindly help me in this matter 2) Everybody has some bad habits.And i have too.I Lose my temper very quickly. Although i try not to since this haram and i have been able to control it to a small extent but sometimes i just cant help it. Please i read somewhere that reciting a particular name of Allah can help in controlling your bad habits.If there is any such dua then please help me out and tell me about it soon because i am distressed beacause of my habit. Please also tell the number of times i should recite it. 3) Is it possible to provide the Arabic version of the dua’s that u tell along with the english one so that they can help more since reading english version sometimes becomes difficult. Jazak’allah khair


1. After making Istikhaaraa Salaat you will sometimes receive guidance by dreams, sometimes Allah Ta’ala will instil the feeling in your heart to do that action and sometimes it will be placed in the heart not to do that action. Dreams are not important in the interpretation of the Istikhaaraa Salaat.

That which you stated regarding dreams will not apply to the dreams of Istikhaaraa Salaat. That dream which you have after Istikhaaraa Salaat is the result of your Salaat and is from Allah Ta’ala.

After Istikhaaraa Salaat you must do that which your heart inclines towards doing and you should not have any doubts. Insha-Allah, Allah Ta’ala will guide you towards the right decision. If you still have any doubts after that, then you should continue with the Istikhaaraa Salaat until the doubts that you have will be cleared. (Dars-e-Tirmizi, Vol. 2, Page 249, Mazaahir-e-Haqq, Vol. 1, Page 859)

2. Whenever you get angry you should read the following Du’aa and ponder upon it’s meaning: ?A?oothu billahi minash Shaytaanir Rajeem.? (I seek refuge in Allah Ta’ala from the Shaitaan, the cursed one).

Insha-Allah your anger will subside. (Hisn ul Haseen, Page 342)

3. We have given the transliteration of the Du’aa as it is difficult to send Arabic texts through email.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf
Darul Ifta ? Jameah Mahmoodiya, Springs


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