What does Islam say about keeping concubines(which your right hand possesses)? Is it permissible still? If not, then why? And if yes, how do we justify it in todays world?

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It seems that Quran has allowed it and I could not find any hadith prohibiting it. Then why do majority of Muslims around the world believe that it is not allowed to have concubines? surely there must have been a ruling on it by scholars. what are those rulings? Pls. advise.


In Islam, Christianity and Judaism according to their original scriptures,
captives of war may be enslaved. Besides, this, no other person can be taken
as a slave.

Allah is our creator and ultimate Master. We, as his creations and slaves
are obliged to express our servitude to Him Alone. If one does not submit
his slavery to Allah, which of course is far more heinous and unjust to
Allah in comparison to the ‘injustices’ of slavery and sexual relationship,
etc. by a human master.

Since the human being did not willingly submit to the ultimate Master,
Allah, He condemns them to the unwilling slavery of his sincere slaves. And
by understanding the powers of a man master, they may understand the Powers
of the True Master, Allah. In fact, the concept of slavery should be
regarded as a concept of mercy, as the heinous crime of rejecting Allah as
our Master demands immediate terminating of life. Allah, our kind Master,
has granted an opportunity to his very negators to enjoy a second chance of
life and redirect it to the right avenue by submitting to Him as the
ultimate Master.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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