Can you interpret a dream?

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I have a friend that converted to Islam many years ago, but her family is Catholic. Although her family always was very mean to her and singled her out, they got a bit worse after her converting to Al-Ialam. She had a dream that her entire family chased her around and she and her 3 Muslim children managed to run to the top of a spiral type staircase and her entire family was unable to cross an invisible barrior and make it to the top of the steps. She and her 3 kids were looking down at them as the entire family was yelling and screaming at them, trying to get thru the barrior. They realized they could not go thru the barrior and got even more angry. They had very mad looks on their faces. THat was the end of the dream. Could you please explain to us what the meaning behind this dream could possibly mean. And what does it mean when a person has a dream over and over again until the actual dream comes true? I know I myself have many of these repeated dreams that are more like visions that actually DO come to pass. We thank you ever so kindly Aminah


The dream means Allah’s unseen help to your friend and children against her

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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