Is it haram to write poems?

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is writting poetry haram? also i want to change my name , what is the best way to pick out a good name? jazakallah


1) If the poetry is within the parameters of Shariah then it will be
permissible, for example, it encompasses the oneness of Allah, His praises,
encouragement to obey Him, words of wisdom, and advices or praises of Nabi
alaihis salaam, mentioning of his miracles so that the love in ones heart
increases for him and the inclination of the heart increases toadopt his
life style etc. All types of permissable poetry are commendable as long as
it does not pre-occupy a person to the extent that all his time is spent in
compiling poems and there is no time for recitation of the Holy Quraan and
to educate himself on other deeni matters which are more important. (Roohul
Ma’aani vol.10 pg. 220 & 226, Surah Ash-shu’araa, verse 219-227)

2) The best names to keep are the names of the Prophet alaihis salaaam and
thereafter the names of the Sahaba radiyallahu anhum. It is also mentioned
in a hadith that the best names to keep are Abdullah and Abdur Rahmaan.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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