Asalam aleykum What is the islamic logic behind spoiling Wudhuu through poluting air because nothing is washed or cleaned

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The order of performing wudhu and its relevant rules and principals is
similar to the order of performing salaah and its relevant rules and
principle-times for salaah, number of rakaats (units), and categories of
salaah. We, as slaves of Allah, are required to submit and express our
subjugation to our master Allah, by obeying His instructions. Our submission
does not depend on understanding the wisdoms and logic behind His
instructions. Allah is All wise and He orders us to perform acts of worship
which is filled with wisdom. Our limited minds and deficient understanding
may not be able to comprehend the wisdoms and logic behind the order.
However, the passing of wind invalidating wudhu is understood as particals
of impurity exiting from the body, (resulting in polluting the air) similar
to urine, etc. In brief, the Fuqaha (Jurists) have categorised such rulings
as Ghair Mudrak-BIL – Raai (cannot be perceived by ones mind).

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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