In Quran Allah asked us to send Darood and Salaam on Nabi(saw). What is the difference between Darood and Salaam?.

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Some people says that Darood can be send from anywhere but Salaam is send when you are at the grave of Nabi(saw). Is it true? Also some people says that Tablighi Jamaat brothers do not send Salaam on Nabi(saw) and they only send Darood? Please help me as these are creating confusion in my mind. Thank you.


When we say ?Sallalaahu Alaihi?- this is durood- and ?Wa sallam? ? this is salaam. Durood is a dua from us for Nabi (SAW) and it is asking Allah to raise the levels of Nabi (SAW), while Salaam is asking Allah to send peace upon Nabi (SAW). Both can be sent from anywhere, in fact in Salah in tashahud we send Salaams on Nabi (SAW) by saying ?Assalaamu Alaika Ayyuhan Nabiyu? and thereafter when we read Durood, we are sending Durood on Nabi(SAW).

All Tablighis send both on Nabi (SAW).

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Ml. Hussein Kadodia

CHECKED & APPROVED: Ml. Imraan Vawda

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