My life is falling apart … Why is Allah so cruel?

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I am so unhappy,and I believe that Allah doesnt care for me.All I want is to be happily married.Ive been making so much of dua,whenever I come across a new dua or zikr for marriage I read it.Nothing works,I dont feel like reading anymore,there is no point.These past few nights Ive been making dua for death,I know its a sin,but I cant take anymore.This loneliness is killing me.Im embarrassed to go out,all my cousins and friends are married.My parents are also embarrased by this.Why is Allah so cruel?Please help me


As Mu’mins (believers), our Imaan (faith) is on Taqdeer. Taqdeer refers to
the Divine measure by Allah Ta’ala in which every creation’s life is
designed according to His (Allah’s) infinite wisdom. The wisdom of Allah Ta’
ala’s decrees may not be comprehended by our limited understanding.

There are many who are wealthy (having the means of peace) yet at grief.
There are many who have children (to be the coolness of their eyes) yet at
agony. There are married couples (to show peace and contentment) yet leading
marital life of distress regretting their marriage commitment. At this stage
of your life, you should do two things;
a) Maintain your gaze on Allah Ta’ala and never despair as despondency is a
sign of Kufr. It is possible a person makes unbecoming statements in the
state of despondence,
b) Ponder upon the lesser privileged. There are those who were married and
divorced after becoming victims of abuse which is common today. Listen to
their agonizing incidents and that will enhance your instinct to thank Allah
Ta’ala for your condition. Our community is filled with such people.

We also advise you recite Surah Dahr in the 29 Juz as well as recite 500
times Durood Shareef everyday. Our responsibility is to continue making Du’
aa and await Allah’s decision. Despondency is certainly not a solution to
your grief. May Allah Ta’ala grant you a prosperous future, Aameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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