I am soo ready to preach people about Islam but when it comes for me to pray, I lack substance…

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I have a disease. It is from the heart. I fail to recognize the power of Allah. But when it comes time to talk about Islam I am soo inspiring to people. This is twisted. When it is prayer time I ignore it. But if I don’t ignore it I pray but not with qushu. Sometimes it hits me that I have to pray and then I do with the upmost attention. But then it goes away. What do I do?? How do I become strong?? I need to. I feel like I’m falling. I know and can feel that Allah is not pleased with me. Help me! Please be very specific in what I should do. I will take ur advise very seriously. Thank you and may Allah reward u for ur work.


Your zeal to preach is highly commendable. May Allah Ta’ala grant you Barkat
in that, Aameen.

It is the Barkaat of preaching that you feel the guilt of not practicing
what you preach. The preaching and the guilt of not practicing is a stepping
stone for Islaah (reformation) and progress. However, the driving forces for
Islaah are Ikhlaas (sincerity) and courage. Whatever you do, including
preaching, it should be to please Allah Ta’ala Alone and not to inspire
people, that (sincerity) is not achieved in you’re a’amaal, hence, the
difference in approach between preaching and practicing. Furthermore,
practicing requires courage. You should bring up the courage and practice
what you preach.

The fear of Allah Ta’ala, consciousness of the day of Qiyaamat,
accountability, fire of Jahannum, etc. may assist you to bring up the
courage for you to practice what you preach. Knowledge without practice will
be a burden on the knowledgeable on the day of Qiyaamat.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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