I did all my qaza umri namaaz (about 3 years) couple of months ago.

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But later I found out that salaat is invalid if your clothes were see through. I (a female) know that i used to wear shalwaar (pants) that were see-through and also my dupatta/scarf was sometimes see-through. Although I had learned tajweed before but am not sure if my tajweed was correct at that time. Now my question is: were my qaza umri salaats valid? Or do I have to repeat them. 2. does one still get sawaab for doing sabr if one is going thorugh stress and anxiety and the doctor has confirmed it. Because the situation has become such that one cant even achieve little taks of everyday. What is sabr in this situation? Is there some wazifa?


There are 8 conditions which must be observed for Salaat to be valid.

1) to make wudhu if necessary
2) to make ghusl if necessary
3) cleanliness of body and dress
4) cleanliness of place
5) covering of satr (private parts)
6) facing towards qibla
7) niyyat (intention) for salaat
8) performing salaat at the prescribed times.

In salaat a females satr is her entire body except face, hands to the wrist and feet. Covering the satr as mentioned above is a condition. Therefore if you wear see-through clothing, Salaat is not accepted. Thus you must repeat these prayers.

If anyone is going through a difficulty, illness, stress or hardship then he/she should have patience. During these difficult situations one hsould not complain, but rather engage himself in the rememberance of Allah. The Prophets of Allah went through the most difficulty physically and verbally. However they never lost hope in Allah and nor did they complain.

Anas bin Malik (ra) narrated that The Prophet salallahu alaihe wasallam passed by a woman who was sitting and weeping beside a grave and said to her, “Fear Allah and be patient.” Bukhari

In many Ahadith it has been mentioned that when a muslim is going through pain he should be patient because Allah washes away his sins the way the leaves fall off a tree.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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