How would you clean a matress if it has been soiled?, but you do not know exactly were the najassat is.What method is best to clean it?

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i have been living a dirty lifestlye, where i was not concerned about tahaarah and when having wet dreams i never use to wash it. i am sure that the najasat has gone to my matress.i clean the whole matress three times but i was then told that after each washing you got to let the whole matress dry before washing the second time?i use the bucket of water to rinse the cloth in and i rinsed it a few times does this mean that the first time i rinsed the cloth out the water became nappak.jazakallah


Jazaakumullah for your query.

In the below given query we understand that firstly you are not sure of the exact location of the Najaasat. Secondly, there are no visible signs such as colours, smell, etc. of the impurity. In such a situation as a precautionary measure the entire mattress should be washed. It is compulsory to wash it once and dry it out completely. However, it will be better to wash it thrice. If after the first wash and drying out you are satisfied that it is now clean it will be sufficient. It will not be necessary to wash it thrice.

Practically speaking, by washing it thrice, you could spoil your mattress. With regard to using the same bucket of water if you squeezed out the cloth used for wiping before dipping it in for the second time (as it is normally done), then the water will not be impure.

However, if after cleaning the impurity, the cloth is squeezed out into the bucket of clean water, the water will become napaak since the napaak water has now contaminated the clean water.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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