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How do I know he is the right one?

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Marriage – I have a dilemma. I am a muslim female and the person I want to marry is non-muslim male (atheist).  I want to do what is right in the eyes of Allah.  Somehow being with him feels right because somehow by trying to educate him I have started to read more about Islam and am feeling pulled towards Allah myself. Admittedly I had very little knowledge about Islam but now feel something within me is wanting to know more and read more.  does that mean something? is he having a positive effect on me?  Would our nikah not be valid if he does not take Islam fully by heart? and even if he does, then does not practice salah how is he any different to a muslim who does not practice? but that nikah with the muslim would have been valid? How do I know he is the right one?


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Jazakallah for your queries. You do not have to be sorry for asking advice on Deen and Shariah. It is an honor for us to serve you and seek the pleasure of Allah through you.

According to Shariah, as a Muslim female, you cannot marry a non-Muslim male. The person will have to at least accept Islam. He should believe in Islam from his heart and also confess that verbally. If he does not practice Islam, then too your marriage with him after his reversion to Islam will be valid. You could teach him more about Islam after marriage and encourage him to practice Islam.

At this stage, you should refer him to a suitable Muslim male to teach him about Islam. You cannot communicate with him as you have to observe the laws of Hijab with him.

If he accepts Islam and he is interested in marrying you, you should consult your seniors and also make Istikhara (that is to seek divine guidance). The procedure of Istikhara is elsewhere on this site. You should also enquire about the character and temperament of the person when deciding on marriage with him.

And Allah knows best


Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa, Madrassah In’aamiyyah

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