Who should keep the baby since they are not married and will not get married?Are there institutions for adoption in the Islamic way in the USA?

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A Muslim boy got involved with a christian girl in America. The girl became pregnant. He was living in her flat for more than a year. She is a church leader. She says that she wants to become a Muslim but it is not sincere. The boy is studying there. At the moment he is very confused and furious at his parents. He says, that the baby to be born will be my child whom I cannot neglect although he has no means to support. The baby is to be born in 3 months time The parents when they came to know first they removed him from her flat almost by force. They rented an apartment and the boy is now living in it. The parents told him to stop the relationship because it is haraam.


mIn principle, it is permissible for a Muslim male to marry a female from
among the people of the book, Christian or Jew. However, if there is fear
that the Muslim male may be influenced by his wife to Christianity or
Judaism and may turn away from Islam, then it is not permissible for him to
marry such a female.

In the enquired case, since the girl expressed her wish to accept Islam, it
may be prudent to embrace the opportunity for the boy to marry her. By doing
so, the child will be well taken care of and risen as a Muslim by both
parents. A sensitive matter of this nature should handled with much care and
rational. It is generally noticed that matters governed by emotions and
feelings are extensively intensified and only ignites huge flames of anger,
thus, magnifying an already provoked situation. The boy’s parents should
heed this advise.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai
FATWA DEPT. Original Source Link

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