Is online nikkah permissible over chat line?must witness be ‘with’ the couple-to-be or can there be elsewhere but witnessing the nikkah over chat?is it compulsory for the girl to have mehram wakeel?

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Assalamualaykum, I wish to get my nikkah done over the internet, i understand that this cannot be done over a chat line, i wonder if a nikkah will be permissible when a voice line is set up over the net, this will include the witnesses as well, do the witnesses have to be with us personally or can they be elsewhere but will be logged onto the net and will be witnessing the nikkah over the net? I would like to know PLEASE as i do not wish to commit sin with this girl and rather get married (without my parents knowing), also if you know anybody who will be able to perform the nikkah a contact, you will be helping me Greatly by doing this or someone who i can perform a phone nikkah with (can you also please explain the rulings to phone nikkah as well as nikkah over the net without chat line) If this internet nikkah is possible as the voice of the person will be heard and everyone WILL KNOW that everyone is present and ready then please can you give me a contact for someone willing to perform a nikkah over the net.Is it compulsory for there to be an imam to do nikkah? Jazakallah


The Nikah performed through the internet is not valid. One may, however, get married by proxy. The boy or girl may give written permission to another person, for example, the Imaam, etc. to perform his Nikah with a particular girl. This written appointment must be witnessed by two reliable Muslims.

When the Imaam, for example, gets this letter of appointment, he will represent the person and perform the Nikah. The other party, or his / her representative will then accept the proposal in the presence of at least two reliable Muslims. This process could be observed through modern technology, for example, speaker phone, but will have no bearing on the validity of the process.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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