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She and her boyfriend have committed zinaa and in the event she fell pregnant. She then had an abortion at 2months

A fried have committed a very serious sin. She and her boyfriend have committed zinaa and in the event she fell pregnant. She then had an abortion at 2months. They are both very depressed and sad at the event and fear that Allah (SWT) will never forgive them. What is the rulling on abortion and how are they able to repent and ask forgiveness for such and act of ignorance.



Jazakallah for writing to the institute on behalf of your friends. You mention that they are now depressed and concerned that Allah Ta’ala will not forgive them. It is understandable that they feel this way. From what you write, they realise that they have committed several major sins and broken the commands of Allah Ta’ala. All of us should feel this way, whether we commit minor or major sins.

We should also strive to avoid falling into the traps shaitaan sets for us at every turn. It is most important to take constant measures to avoid places, situations and people with whom there is a possibility to fall into sin. Just as much as we fear the wrath of Allah Ta’ala, it should not be forgotten that His love for us is greater than His anger and need to punish us. Allah Ta’ala will not condemn us to Jahannum unless we have transgressed and refused to repent and give up or sinful ways. Jannah was not created in vain, nor were we. Although this earth was created for our pleasure and use, we were created to obey and worship our Creator. It is a rejection of His love for us when we ignore His commandments and offers of everlasting pleasure and joy in Jannah.

When we reject and neglect our moral obligations as Muslims, we turn away from our Creator. This is when He turns away from us.

As human beings, we are inclined to overstep the boundaries set down for us. The main reason being that we fail to fully educate ourselves on how to conduct our lives as Muslims. As young people we tend to get carried away with the values and cultures of alien people who condone unashamed trends. Exposure to the media such as television, most newspapers and magazines (which pass off as “family” material) are really the undoing of a Muslim’s character and life. It is sad that many Muslim parents have absconded their duties and responsibilities towards their children by allowing them to find their ‘own way’ in this world. These parents are content to pass on the upbringing of their children to teachers and outsiders etc whilst they themselves are in pursuit of their own ‘dreams’. The children’s deeni rights and education are relegated to the back burner and careers in the secular world take precedence over all else. When these children reach adolescence and are in their early youth, a lot of them do not appreciate nor understand what is really expected of them when their “hormones” run riot with them.

By neglecting to introduce an Islamic culture, values and morals in their children’s upbringing, the parents fail miserably in the upbringing of their children.

Please ask your friends to increase their knowledge of how to conduct their lives as Muslims. To become fully aware about their duties, responsibilities and rights are as son/daughter, husband/wife, father/mother and members of the community (ummah). They also need to change their lifestyles completely so that when their children are growing up, the next generation can insha’allah be saved from the traps they fell into. It is only when they understand and fully grasp how important the Sunnah and Quran are in their lives that they can then pass these onto their offspring.

Insha’allah once they start practicing on what is acceptable and pure, they will experience the sweetness of imaan as they had never done before.

Please remind your friends that Allah Ta’ala is most Forgiving, most Merciful. Allah Ta’ala loves sinners who repent sincerely, who give up sinful acts and who make concerted efforts to always stay away from sin.

They should continue to make abundant nafl salaah, istigfaar, dua and offer sadqa frequently as it serves as an expiation for one’s sins. By turning to Allah Ta’ala once again, they earn His pleasure and love. They should not doubt that He will forgive them if they have sincerely repented, stopped their sins and have made definite moves away from the offending behavior They should also be steadfast with all the ordained fard rituals, e.g. daily salaah, Ramadaan fasts, zakaah and hadj if these are incumbent on them.

Most importantly, ask them to abstain from socialisign with non-mahram men and women. If possible, they should get married as soon as possible to avoid falling into this trap again. May Allah ta’ala guide all of us and protect us from calamity, ameen.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Sister Fadila

CHECKED & APPROVED: Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Fatwa Dept.)

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