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I have a monthly period of 7&9 days but in this month it happened 2 times on 8 of this month again it started on 26 i am from a hanafi mashab so i want to know that can i keep fast and offer salaah in this condition as it is the month of ramadan pls advise.


Firstly, you should determine when is the date on which your Zakaat year ends. If on this date you have the cash on hand, it would be added to all other Zakaatable assets and Zakaat will be paid thereon. This applies even though you may have the intention to give this as a loan in the future.

If by this date you have given this cash as a loan to anyone, then Zakaat is not immediately payable on this amount. Once the loan is repaid to you, Zakaat then becomes payable for all the past years when the cash was given as a loan. As a precaution, it would be better to pay Zakaat on this amount from now, so that in future, when the loan is repaid, it is not a burden to pay for all the past years.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Ml. Imraan Vawda

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