I require your help to interpret a dream. what does dreaming of mice/rats and killing them in such a dream mean?

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I have been dreaming for 1year where i see mice/rats in my dream. now i dream that i kill these mice/rats. I dream that they are in my house. Most of my family members are present in these dreams. At first I didn?t think anything of these dreams,I laughed at dreaming such nonsense.The dreams at 1st started with one mice, then one became two, two became three and so on.the number of rats/mice increased and they created havoc in the dream.My family never noticed these mice only I could see the havoc they were causing.Again I thought unusual to dream such nonsense. Then these dreams occurred daily (every night without fail dream)I read somewhere that if a person dreams about mice/rats then this person will come into contact with an ?evil? woman (please correct me if I am wrong). Lately my dreams have become slightly disturbing.before I only dreamt rats/mice in the house, now I am dreaming that I kill these rats/mice yet when this happens I feel that I have killed a human being.when I kill the mice I don’t view it as an animal. I view it and feel that I have killed a person/human. The feeling I have when killing this animal is not of remorse but of fear and the consequences I am going to suffer at the hands of others.I say ?others? as I don’t know if I am fearing other mice/rats or humans.I simply have an overwhelming fear of some punishment/retribution to come my way! Can you please interpret this dream for and advise if this dream has any meaning to it. Adam


The required dream has no significance and is the whispers of the Shaytaan.

You should ignore the dream and recite your Masnoon Du’aas before sleeping.
If you see such a dream in future, spit lightly three times, recite, ‘Laa
hawla walaa quwwata illaa billaah’ and change directions. Don’t fear at all.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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