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Please help me find a remedy for Black Magic?

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As-salaam-u-alaikum, A few months ago, i had a dream wherein i saw myself invoking a jinn. I woke up suddenly and saw a jinn in front of me (sitting on my chest). I was petrified! I felt the presence of the jinn and it felt as if it entered my body. After being told to bath in salt water often, i felt the jinn leave me one day. I went to see a number of learned moulanas and they have all told me the same thing viz, that someone had sent the jinn to harm me (brought something evil). Ever since then, i get extreme headaches and my sleep is often disturbed. I even see strange things above my bedside when i wake. Apparently this is the black magic which someone had sent. I have tried numerous remedies including reading ayatul kursi & surah falaq frequently. All of the remedies of the maulanas have not worked. Do you know of anything else which is effective to ward off this evil???


One should never loose hope in the mercy of Allah Ta’ala. There is no such thing as Aayatul Kursi and other surahs are not beneficial. I assure you that had you not read these surahs and aayat, the situation would have been much worst. We find that generally, regarding physical ailments, people have patience and are not hasty to see results. If for example a person has cancer, and the doctors put him on long term treatment, he would be patient and trust the doctors. Unfortunately, regarding unseen harms people want instant results. If they don’t see immediate results they become despondent. These things take time. We should reflect on our own position. If a person had to lead a life of taqwa (fear of Allah), then it is very rare that such evils affect a person. Like how a person who has an unhealthy lifestyle, for examples he smokes, and then he develops cancer, he cannot blame the doctors if the remedy takes more time. Similarly, if we lead a careless lifestyle as far as Deen is concerned, we are obviously more susceptible to be affect by black magic and the like. In such cases, it is obvious that the treatment will take some time. Contact a reliable Aamil (a person who treats black magic), and follow his prescription.
If you are not sure about the person, enquire from your local Ulama. Continue to make fervent Dua, for cure actually comes from Allah Ta’ala. These are only means that we adopt. And be patient, for Allah Ta’ala is with the patient ones. We too make Dua that Allah Ta’ala grants you a speedy recovery.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Ml. Imraan Vawda FATWA DEPT.

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