Is it okie,if women dont wear there scarf in a marriege,,if men and women,,are in sepreated places

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1..what is the meaning of the name Ferkhunda…2…is it okie,,if women dont wear there scarf in a marriege,,,if men and women,,,are in sepreated places,,,,3 ,,,is it okie,,,to forward relious emails?? thank u,for u time!!


1. We do not know the meaning of the name Ferkhunda. Muslims should keep names of the prophets [alayhimus salaam], the Sahaaba [Radhiallaahu anhum] and pious people. The names should also have a good meaning.

2. Marriage is a sacred moment. It invokes the mercy of Allah. The occasion should be given due respect and should not be carried out in a way that resembles the way of the Kuffaar. It is a common practice among non-Muslim females to design their hair and expose it during their marriage ceremonies. It is not permissible for Muslim females to do likewise as imitating the way of the Kuffaar is prohibited.

3. This question is not clear. Kindly rephrase and resend.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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