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Tell some dua for my father and tell me if there is some effect b/w and my father

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My father is having problem of repeating actions speacilly in washing hands and bath…this illness reach to a point that he can not have wasu and say prayers. Also he is not feeling what he is doing…when we r telling him that plz dont do that …he will refuse that he didn’t even did that. He is an educated good muslim person. He is not listening to us and not treating any on his many diseases. plz tell me some dua so that he must be agree for treatment.Also tell me some dua that he must get rid from all these diseases. Also i m feeling some problem between me and my father…I and my father can tolerate same thing from any one but we can not do that for each other…I and my fahtre are getting so irritated my each other although in actions we love each other too too much and feeling pain for each other…but still there is some problem between me and him. Jazak-allah


Perhaps your father has reached the age of Arzalul-Umur. It is an age of sensitivity where a person tends to act more childish and immature. Consider his age when dealing with him. Regard him as a Mazoor (excused). Overlook his faults and try to indulge him as far as possible. Respect him and honour him and treat him with kindness and affection. Perhaps he needs your attention and this is the only way he gets your attention.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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