I have a problem when urinating the drop still comes out after 20-30 minutes…Can you please tell me if i fall under Ma`zur?

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I have a problem when urinating the drop still comes out after 20-30 minutes, i use toilet paper there at all times then when i check again after a coupler hours sometimes i find that like a quarter drop of clear i think is urine still comes out, can you please advise me? Can a Mazur who makes wudhu fajr time read quraan well after sunrise with that same wudhu? Can a husband masturbate his wife using his fingers?


If you are such that urine comes out continually, to such an extent that an entire namaaz time passes and you do not get enough time to perform the salah of that time, then you will be classified as a mazoor. It seems that you are not classified as one.

Concerning your doubts, because you see what seem like a speck of urine after some time, this should be ignored . It is just waswasah from Shaitaan. It was a practice of Nabi(saw) to sprinkle a little water on his lower-garment when he made wudhu after relieving himself. One benefit in doing this is that if you see any wetness thereafter, it is easy to tell yourself that this is the water I sprinkled there. Clean yourself properly after istinja, use toilet paper to soak up the urine, thereafter don’t put toilet paper there, rather tell yourself that my istinja is done and I have cleaned myself sufficiently.(Ahsanul Fatawa vol.2 pg.106)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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