My husband is a Shaafi and I am a Hanafi. He wants me to cook him lobster and crabs etc. which are considered haraam in the Hanafi fiqh. what should be the Mazhab of our children?

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We also have 2 children and he likes them to eat this food and the kids also like to eat it. He also wants them to grow up to be Shaafis and wants me to become a Shaafi. My questions are: Is it ok for me to cook this food for him? And what should be the Mazhab of our children? And do I have to change my Mazhab to Shaafi? (I have been a Hanafi all my life). Thank you,


All four Madhaahib are correct and on the truth. It is necessary for one to follow one of these four Madhabs.

A difference in the Madhabs of the spouses often lead to instability in the home and causes confusion in the minds of the children. Our advice would be that both spouses follow one and the same Madhab as this would lead to harmony in the home. However, if both stay on their own Madhabs, it would be perfectly correct and in this case, the husband would have the say in deciding the Madhab of his children.

There is nothing wrong in a Hanafi wife cooking lobsters and crabs for her Shaafi?ee husband and children.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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