My parent won’t forgive me they say i’l never enter jannah as a result. please help.

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Assalamu Alaikummy parents say my marriage is not valid becuz they did not witness it, but i got married infront of a imam with 2 other wali, is my marriage valid? my parents won’t forgive me cuz they i chose my husband. its been 2 yrs they still havn’t forgiven us, they say i’l neva enter jannah becuz they havn’t forgiven me. am realy scared we went to umrah to ask allah for forgiveness last ramadan, i phoned before i went but they refused to forgive me. i wrote letters but no response. am scared of allahs punishment will i neva enter jannah? my father wants to cut of all kinship with me, is that right in islam? surah an nisa says ( and do not cut kinship with your wombs) what shal do? we are both practising islam and above all afraid if allah is displeased with us.


1. Yes, your marriage is valid in terms of the Shari?ah.

2. Since you failed to get your parents blessings, you should now make an all out effort to restore contact with them and try to maintain favourable ties with them. Even if they wish to sever all ties, you should do whatever you can to restore contact with them.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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