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Who should perform Hajj for a deceased person who has left money for his request?

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My Grandfather inherited some money from his family after he passed away. This family member was living with some friends and before her death, she handed them some money requesting that this money should be used to perform Hajj on her behalf. After her death these friends handed the money to my Grandfather and told him of the request. My Grandfather has given all his cash to me as he is old and very sick. Included in this cash is the money that is to be used for the Hajj request. I have not yet performed my Hajj. Please advise what I should do with the cash that my Grandfathers relative has left behind to perform her Hajj?


Your question is not very clear.

What we understand is that your grandmother (not grandfather as you
mentioned) passed away but prior to her death, she made a Wasiyyat to have
Hajj performed on her behalf. Since your grandfather is old and weak, he
will not be able to fulfil the above request (Wasiyyat). Nevertheless, any
person may perform the Hajj on behalf of your grandmother. However, it is
best for someone who has already performed his own Hajj to perform the
Hajj-e-Badal (on your grandmother). Since your grandmother left wealth
behind for this and specifically made this Wasiyyat, the wealth must be used
in that avenue and cannot be abused. (Fataawa Mahmoodiyah vol.7 pg.305)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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