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Can a the husband and wife both be completely naked during the intercourse as someone has told me that only those parts of the body should be exposed which are only required in the process?

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And is it necessary to perform the intercourse in dark light? Can’t this be done in a room with the light on? or in day time when the room is not completely dark because i’ve also heard that it is permissible for both the husband and the wife to see each others private parts. My other question is that in the jihad of Afghanistan, are the people of Pakistan questionable in the court of Allah as we didn’t fight with them against the tyrannical forces of US and it’s allies?


1. It is permissible but undesirable for the husband and wife to see one
another whilst being unclothed.
2. Whoever was responsible for stopping the Muslims from defending
Afghanistan against the oppression of the US forces is equally responsible
for the crime of oppression. They, too, will be questioned in the court of

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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