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What nullifies the wudhu?

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does urinating nullify the wudhu? also, what happens to the salaat of previous years if our wudhu was not done correctly, or we read namaz without proper wudhu?


Eight things break Wudhu. They are called Nawaaqidh-e-Wudhu (breakers of
Wudhu). They are:
1. Discharging of urine, stool or the coming out of anything from the
private parts.
2. Discharge of gases
3. Vomitting mouthful
4. To fall asleep lying down or by resting the body against something.
5. To faint due to some illness of any other reason.
6. Becoming insane or going mad.
7. Laughing aloud whilst in Salaat.
8. Flowing of blood or matter from any part of the body.

If the Wudhu of the previous years were done in such a way that the Faraaidh
of Wudhu were omitted, then all those Salaats that were read with it should
be repeated.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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