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Islamic Studies

Assalamualaikum InshAllah next year i will be starting university and have decided to do Islamic Studies but i have been told that you should only do it if your Iman is strong because you could start questioning certain things which could lead to a loss in Iman.May i have your opinion on this statement. 2.i would like to do Islamic Studies so that i get to learn more about my Deen and i have been told that with |Islamic Studies i wont be able to get a job as a sister… so how do i explain that i want to enrich my knowledge? 3. i heard that if a person passes away in Ramadan they are protected from the torment in the grave..is this true? JazakAllah


To study Islamic studies at secular universities could pose a problem to
your Imaan. The course work that is offered is prepared by orientalists and
their views are very damaging to Islam.

As for getting a job, there are ample jobs in the field of Islamic studies
at our primary and secondary schools. One the ways to increase your
knowledge is to study. This could be done at a female Darul Uloom. There are
many in the country.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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