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Jazak-allah for your advice but I need some clarification on Q4374?

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You have stated that if I see white stains after waking up (erotic dreams) it is a wet dream, and ghusl is fard? But I am very sure that I do not have wet dreams, the white stains are just 1 or 2 drops, and are the same as when I have normal erections (day). I am very sure this is only mazi (pre-coital fluid). Just as I would have erections normally and release mazi, I have erections like that at night and release mazi. I am usually sure and aware when this happens. How do you make a distinction from day and night? As I have said I rarely or ever had wet dreams. If I have wet dreams, my underwear and cloths would be very wet, as a lot of sperm is ejaculated (not one or two drops). Sometimes I have had erotic dreams and have seen myself or think of myself ejaculating- and at this very time I in real life ejaculate. I wake up suddenly, and I am aware, and I have a full ejaculation (orgasm). I perform ghsul after this experience. But I feel when I have erections and night and release 1 or 2 drops of sperm this is mazi only (pre-coital fluid), and there would be no need to perform ghusl every time I see such stains, as I see stains like this during the day (during or after erections), yet only wudu is fard? Please clarify?


Since the substance you find upon awakening is not Mani (spermatic fluid)
and you are sure that it is not, Ghusl is not Fardh upon you.

There is no distinction between sleeping at night or during the day. The
rules of Ghusl, etc. apply invariably. Does this answer your query?

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

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