If one merely touched his mother in law with lust (my hand may have touched her hand or her hand may have touched mine and experienced an erection), does nikah with her daughter become haram?

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I need urgent advice in this matter? I am a young man and an immoral person. I have unclean thoughts and frequent erections. Just looking at a woman or if a woman merely touches me by mistake, I have an erection! Now, I am meant to marry this girl, but I dont if I should. I have read that even if one merely touches his mother in-law with lust, her daughter becomes haram on me forever? (Meaning if I experience an erection before or after touching?) I admit sometimes I have looked at my mother in-law (aunty) with lust at her breasts, thinking that her daughter when she will grow up will have breasts like that etc. But these are just my immoral thoughts. I am troubled by the above ruling, as I am very unsure and not certain that maybe my hand touched her hand or her hand touched mine, and I had an erection, and whether her daughter now is haram on me forever. She is my aunty and I am her nephew and thats it; and I wish to marry her daughter. I may have or not (in the past) touched her with my hand with her hand (when passing food or in any other domestic work etc) and that I may have experienced an erection! I am unsure and believe it may be whispers from the devil? Should I marry her daughter or not?


According to the Hanafi school of thought, if a male commits incest with a
female, then the ascendants and descendants of both parties will be
prohibited upon one another. The incest that leads to the prohibition is
approaching with lust and desire. If your hand merely touched your auntie’s
hand by mistake, that is not incest. It is permissible for you to marry her
daughter. We wish to advise that you exercise precaution after marriage and
display modesty between you and your auntie (mother-in-law). It is possible
that your sensitivity in the matter is due to you being unmarried, as well
as the biological change resulting in your carnal desires having reached a
demanding stage of fulfilment. That may change after marriage and after
satisfying yourself.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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