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Is it true that couples are made in heaven?

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Mufti Sahib, Salaam. I have a question for you: Is it true Allah has made a life partner for every one at the time they were born? Meaning if someone is meant as a life partner for somebody they are going to get him or her? How can one tell if some one is meant for them? Please provide any Hadith or Quranic Ayat regarding this matter also any special duass to make difficult situations easy and to get over depression.


The common saying that couples are made in Jannah actually refers to the
absolute knowledge of Allah. He knows everything ahead of time. That
includes a person’s marriage partner. However, this world is Darul Asbaab
(word of means). One has to adopt means for everything and the outcome of
ones efforts will be according to the decree and perfect knowledge of Allah.
If a person is of a marriageable age, his/her seniors should inform people
and request their assistance in getting a compatible marriage partner. If
anyone shows interest and proposes, then one should decide by making
Istikhaara and Mashura. If the procedures are appropriately carried out, the
outcome will be a success. Whatever, the outcome is, that was known to Allah
ahead of time.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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