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Please explain these hadiths and interpret the dream .

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Assalamualaikum I have a few questions 1.I have heard of a hadith that is something to the effect that if one muslim wants to befriend another of the same sex it is okay for the person to lie, just so that two muslims may become friends. What I don’t understand is why a hadith would condone lying in order for two persons to become friends. Could you please explain? 2.I?ve read that the prophet & the sahaabah were not afraid of dieing but yet when a storm would approach they would read nafl namaaz and make dua. Would they not welcome the storm? Please explain. I am only trying to understand these hadiths better and am not criticising or being scornful of the hadith or the prophet or sahaabah . 3. Can a woman make dhikr without a scarf on her head? Jazakumullah


1. To speak a lie is expressly prohibited in the Quran and hadith. Allah
Taala says- Allah’s curse is upon the liars. There is no hadith permitting
speaking lies to befriend a person.
2. Rasulullah and the Sahaba were living in this world of cause and effect.
It was only natural for them to be effected with the conditions of this
world, hunger, thirst, weather etc. However, they were never afraid to die
in a worthy course, for example in jihaad for the pleasure of Allah. Surely
the natural fear even then was still in them but they suppressed that for a
worthy cause and that is why the reward is so great
3. It is permissible for a female to make dhikr without a scarf in the
confines of her privacy.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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