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Respected Mufti, I am aware that masah on khufayn made out of glass, wood or metal is unlawful however what is the ruling regarding a shoe which has a leather sole and upper (or even just a leather sole) and the rest is made of either glass, wood or metal? Secondly, It is stated in Nur al-Idaah that even if the khufayn are made of a thick substance other than leather (irrespective of weather the soles are of leather or not), we are allowed to do masah over them. So why are we not allowed to do masah over boots (which reach over the ankles and are waterproof)? Thirdly, I am aware that it is also a rule that the socks upon which masah is done must cling to the feet without being tied, so how come zips are allowed (those which are on the normal leather khufayn which people use)?


1. There are seven conditions for the validity of Masah on leather socks,
one is to be able to walk continuously (confortably – with ease) with them.
If the upper and lower layer of the socks is of leather and the rest will be
of hard glass, hardwood in which it will be difficult to walk then Masah
will not be permissible.
2. If the the seven conditions of making Masah are fulfilled, then Masah on
boots will be permissible.
3. The zip in the leather socks is similar to the socks being sewn. Once the
zip is up, the leather socks remain on the legs without it being tied.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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