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Respected Muftisab, please tell me the meaning of this dream.

I am not exactly sure where the dream was located. I believe it took place in Haramshariff in Mecca. It could have taken place in another Masjid. The floor was made of marble and there was openness to the Masjid (no roof). Everyone in the dream is carrying on his or her business. All of a sudden people start running franticly. A very old pious man with long white beard sitting on a majestic chair is descending from the sky. While hovering in the chair the pious man is trying to catch people and everybody is running away from him. Next thing I know, everyone is clinging onto walls draped with hay to avoid being detected. I find myself clinging onto a wall, hiding behind the hay. The pious man probes through the hay with his hands to find people. I feel his hands approaching me and I am very scared but at the same time I feel that I should let him touch me. By not letting him touch me I felt like I had missed an opportunity. He does not touch anyone. After a very short time the ordeal is over. The pious man descends down to ground in the center of a circle. Then all the people who were hiding rush back to shake his hands. I shake his hands as well.


The dream indicates guidance from Allah Ta’ala but people do not appreciate
it immediately. They do so later.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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