Can we pay them Zakat?

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Mufti Sahaab can you please tell me that a person who has learned Quran by heart and he is blind.He came to a Mosque and asked for some money.He said that he has two sisters and he wanted to marry off her two sisters.He asked for some money.Can we pay this person Zakat. I mean if he came to ask for money he probably doesn’t have that much money to pay zakat himself so can we pay him zakat? Secondly I have heard that Hospitals and Jihad groups ask for zakat as well….these groups and hospitals have so much money themselves that they themselves are able to pay zakat right? socan we give them Zakat as well? Please elaborate.JazakAllah


If you apply your discretion and feel that the person is eligible to accept
Zakaat, you may give him your Zakaat.

In principle, the recepient of Zakaat must be a poor and needy person.
Therefore, if the hospitals and Jihaad groups are appointed by recipients of
Zakaat to collect Zakaat on their behalf, then only Zakaat may be given to

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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