If Prophets’ bodies do not get consumed, and they are alive in their graves, does it mean that they are not living in heaven? Thank you

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Asalamu Aleykum. I apologyze for asking noisy question. I know that Prophet Mohammad (piece be upon him), said it isn’t good, but I have been thinking about it for a while and I really want to know. I heard that Prophets, piece be upon them, do not get consumed in their graves and they are alive in their graves. I heard that people get consumed in their graves because they receive the body taken from their graves in the afterlife. So why do Prophets stay in their graves? Why are they alive thee, not up in heaven? Thank you


The prophets are alive and their bodies are not consumed by the earth. Your
confusion that they are alive in their graves and not in heaven stems from
the misconception that a grave is just a pit, but in the light of the
Ahaadith, ‘the grave is either a garden of paradise or a pit from the pits
of hell. It expands as far as the eyes can see for a believer and contracts
for a disbeliever until his right side ribs meet his left side.’ (Mishkaat)

If this understanding of the grave is kept in mind, it is easy to understand
that the prophets (Alayhimus salaam) are in the highest stages of heaven
enjoying the bounties and boons of Allah Ta’ala, the Most High.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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