I like to know if keeping names like Abdul-Barelwi,Abdul-Khomeni,Abdul-Asad,Abdul-Shams,Abdul-Najm etc. allowed in Islam / Shariah ?

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Mufti Sahib, Some people argue it is allowed to keep names like Abdul-Muhammad, Abdul-Ahmad, Abdul-Abbas, Abdul-Hussain, Abdul-Gibril, Abdul-Mikhail, Abdul-Keller, Abdul-Raza, Abdul-Harut,Abdul-AbuHanifah et. al. !!(1) My question is: Are such names allowed in Islam? What have the scholars said about it. Kindly please quote the scholars who have allowed/disallowed it with their evidence. (2) Did any of the Sahaba kept names like Abdul-Nabi, Abdul-Rasul, Abdul-Ahmad, Abdul-Muhammad ? (3) Did any of the tabi’een or taba tabi’een keep such names ? (4) I would appreciate if you answer all my 3 questions.


1. Mulla Ali Qari, Allaamah Shaami and others have mentioned it is not permissible to couple the quality Abd (servant) with a name other than names of Allah. (Mirqaat vol.9 pg.106; Shaami vol.5 pg.268)

2. We are unaware of any Sahaabi or Taabi?ee having such names.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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