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Downloading Islamic Books for free

Assalamu Alaikum.

Sheikh, will it be permissible to download Islamic pdf books from online for personal use, educational reasons etc. without intending to earn money through it?Websites like internet archive and allow you to download a wide range of useful Islamic books for free. Sometimes these books are payed for. Will it be permissible to download them? Will we have to take into consideration copyright laws etc. If I could I would probably try and buy my books, but I can’t really do that because I’m still 15 and don’t work, and I don’t want to constantly ask my dad to buy me different books. Is there difference if the author has passed away? Like for e.g if I want to download Fathul Bari of Ibn Hajar or Umdatul Qari or I’laa us Sunan, which are classical books for free, would it be permissible? What are the rulings pertaining to this?

JazakAllahu Khairan.

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