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His mom refused to our marriage.

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I’m an Indian muslim sunni girl who wishes to marry a Pakistani muslim sunni boy. We have known each other for over an year. He asked his mom about me and she said she likes me but his dad and their community will never accept me as I’m not a Pataan (Pusto-speaking) like him. He asked his mom again after a month but got the same reply. We are very upset and he has broken off with me but I know he still wants to marry me. What should I do? How can we convince his parents? What should I do if they refuse again? Please help!


Unfortunately the predicament you are in is common today because of our lack
of understanding the mission and life of Rasoolullah Sallalahu Alaihi Was
Sallam. Nabi S.A.W came to unite the various tribes and people of different
languages into one Ummah, however, it is rather sad if not distressing to
notice that the very Ummah of the Prophet S.A.W. today is reverting to the
old practices of Jahiliyyah (period of ignorance). Our advice to you sister
will be to contact the Imam of your locality to either meet with the boy’s
father or meet with the Imam of the boy’s local Musjid and thus try and
convince the father of the boy that holding such traditions is against the
Shariah and could have serious repercussions. Also it should be your
priority to make excessive Dua to Allah Ta’ala to open the heart of those
opposing your marriage. Remember, Allah is the controller of hearts.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim D

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