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Rules regarding travel.

1. If I travel more than 88KM in one direction and then return to my home town for a short while, maybe a few hours, and then travel less than 88 km in another direction, will I be a musaafir at the second place? I will stay less than 15 days. 2. I travel to a place 70Km from my home. While there I make intention to travel a further 30Km, i.e. 100Km away from my home. Will I be a musaafir? Do I become a musaafir as soon as I make the intention, or when I commence the journey to the next town?


1. If you returned to your home town, your ‘Safar’ will terminate. Hence,
you will not be a Musaafir if you travel from your home town for lesser than
88 km.
2. To qualify as a Musaafir, the intention must be made from your home to
travel a distance of 88 km or more. The laws of ‘Safar will be binding on
you once you pass the last house from the residential area of your town or
that part of your area that is included as part of your town, e.g. shopping
area, etc. If you are within these areas the laws of Safar will not be

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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