It is permissible for women to sit in the Juma khutba when in a state of haid? What defines a masjid? Can a husband look at his wife after without hijaab/niqab?

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In our locality we have juma khutba in the gym (converted to a masjid for juma). This khutba is given in english and then prayer is preformed (i.e. we don’t have an Arabic khutba although some Arabic exists within the khutba). Although an Arabic khutba is wajib by many ulama this is the condition in our community. The question is whether women in haid can sit in this khutba (because it is a gym and not a masjid) and then simply sit aside during the prayer so that they can benefit from the talk? Number two: Is it correct that women in haid cannot enter a masjid? What is the definition of that masjid where sisters in haid cannot enter? Need there be five daily prayers established? Number three: If a man’s wife passes away is it true that he can no longer look at her without hijaab given that the marriage contact is uplifted with the death of the wife. Can the husband give the dead wife ghusl? Can a wife look at her husband after death of the husband given that the nikah contact is still in tact from one perspective in that the iddah still remains?


1. Women may attend this talk as the gym is not a Shar’ee Musjid. However,
in view of the prevailing conditions of immorality, etc., we advise that
some arrangements be made for Hijaab (covering) so that women attending be
not exposed to these evils.
2. Women in Haydh cannot enter a Musjid. For further details regarding this,
refer to ‘Differences Between a Musjid and Jamaat Khana’ (attached)
3. It is permissible for the husband to look at his deceased wife and vice
versa. However, he cannot give her Ghusl. (HM Saeed vol.2 pg.198; HM Saeed)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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