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Brother wants to marry

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Mufti Saheb My brother in Pakistan is in love with a girl, she is divorced with two kids(boy and a girl more then 4yrs), the girl told my brother that does he still believe in Allah?, as He put him through many tests And like 6 months ago my brother was saying he wont mary anyone except the girl he loves, and with the permission of my mother but suddenly a change came and now he doesnt care at all he is changed, his attitiude is quiet rude. My mother still is good with my brother but his attitude is bad. He is bad with my father. And I think there is a chance that the girl might have done some Amal(magic) on my family and my brother. So is there a way we can know about wether there is some black magic done on my brother or not. As my father doesnt believe in Magic its hard for my father to find out a Aalim or a Mufti Saheb and get the issue solved. Also please make duaa for his good. He is not keeping in touch with me , the girl he loves is not liked by our whole family,and my brother before used to say that its not right to marry a girl without parents acceptance. Looking forward for your answer in this matter. Assalamalekum


Our advise is that if your brother wants to marry the girl referred to in
the question, he should make Istikhaara (seek Divine guidance) and follow
the outcome of Istikhaara.

All the family members should accept that criteria in making a decision. In
such matters, it is important to contain oneself as following emotions may
be misleading and devastating.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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