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Does having one’s self dirty invalidate wudu.

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Dirty — for example from digging in the dirt, painting, from dust, oil, sweat from hard work, etc. If the wudu is not invalidated, then is it recommended? What about washing parts of the body not in wudu? For example, there may be sweat or dirt on the person’s back or chest.


Dirt does not invalidate the Wudhu. Thus, it is not necessary to repeat the

In Salaat, one is directly conversing with Allah Ta’ala. Just as one does
not feel it appropriate to meet a person of high worldly standing in the
state of being dirty, to a far greater degree, should one respect the honour
of standing before Allah Ta’ala. Thus, it will be the correct etiquette to
remove all dirt before Salaat, whether the dirt is on the limbs of Wudhu or
any other limb.

Nonetheless, should one perform Salaat in a state of being dirty, from such
items that are not Najs (ritually impure), the Salaat will be valid.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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