What are the conditions for Qurbani to become wajib?

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What are the conditions for Qurbani to become wajib?


Assalamualaykum wa Rarahmatullahi was Barakaatuhu

The conditions are as follows: one must be Muslim, sane, mature, resident (muqeem not musafir) and have in his/her ownership after subtracting liabilities 52 ½ tolas of silver or 7 ½ tolas of gold or the equivalent in cash value. (Fatawa Raheemiyah vol 10 pg 35)

Qurbâni is wajib on the person upon whom sadaqatul fitr is wajib. If the person does not have wealth which equals to the nisâb of sadaqatul fitr, qurbâni will not be wajib on him. But if he makes qurbâni despite it not being wajib on him, he will be greatly rewarded. (Behisti Zewar)


Muhammad Z Panchbhaya

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