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How shall we distribute the inheritance of my grandparents?

Is it permissible to undertake an administrative role in a reinsurance company?

Who is entitled to the Carer allowance for my child? How can I limit her spending?

Inheritance of Property

Is it permissible for women to wear imitation rings?

Is my ablution and salah valid in the given cases?

Can a Muslim inherit from a Non-Muslim?

What are the rulings pertaining to a child born outside wedlock?

What is the ruling concerning an illegitimate child?

What is the ruling about praying behind an Imam who takes out interest based mortgage?

What is a hypocrite and what are the rulings pertaining to a hypocrite?

Can I work in the I.T department of a retailer which may require to work for banks?

Is Hajj Tamattu` permissible for those going Makkah first, then Madinah, and then back to Makkah for Hajj?

Does the husband`s money belong to his wife and vice versa?

What are the Ahadith regarding the virtue of the people and place of as-Shām?