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Is a woman required to listen to all that which her husband dictates?

Is it permissible to consume gelatine capsules?

Is the marriage still valid or has Huramat-e-Musaharah become applicable in the given situation?

Whats the difference between the Hajj of a Hanafi muqallid and a ghayr muqallid?

Hanging Drapes in the House

Can a person prefer excerpts from a scholar over The Qur`an?

Who are the “gurabaa” (strangers) mentioned in the Hadith?

Should I read surah fatiha and surah or not?

Is it disrespectful to use the adhān (call to prayer) as an alarm clock?

Is it permissible for a non-profitable organisations to use the rental income and public funds to give a hadiyah to their staff?

How do I deal with the mental and financial pressure of providing for my family and parents?

What can Muslim businessmen do to be able to give goods on credit and ensure their payment is received on time without imposing fines which are disallowed in Islam?

Employment and wages

Are women allowed to fast during menstruations?

How do I ward off the fear and panic attack stopping me from Salaah?