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The well of Zam Zam will never dry out

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Are there any Hadiths which say that the Zam Zam well will never dry out of water?   Answer The following suitable Hadiths indicate that the water of Zam Zam will remain and not dry out: 1) In the narration regarding Sayyidah Hajar (radiyallahu ‘anha) collecting the Zam zam water, Jibril (‘alayhis salam) said to… read more »

When to drink Zamzam?

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Are there Hadiths discussing when it is sunnah to drink ZamZam?   Answer I haven’t seen such details, besides the fact that Rasulullah (sallallahu’alayhi wasallam) is reported to have drank from Zamzam during his Haj. (Musnad Ahmad, vol.3 pg.394)   Some ‘Ulama have encouraged a fasting person to make iftar with zamzam (mustahab). (Fadlu Ma-i Zamzam, pg.132)… read more »

Istinja’, wudhu’ or ghusl with zamzam. Is it appropriate?

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Question What is your opinion about making istinjā’ with zamzam water? Here so many people make wudhu’ with zam-zam water. Is this appropriate? Answer: Bismillāhi Taʿala, Waʿlaikum Assalām Waraḥmatullāh, If one is in state of ṭahārah (free from any ritual or physical impurity) and already has wuḍū’, then it is permissible to do wuḍū’ merely… read more »

Imam Ibn Khuzaymah’s du’a when drinking Zamzam

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Can you provide the reference for this?   سئل [ابن خزيمة] من أين أوتيت العلم؟ فقال: قال رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وسلم- ماء زمزم لما شرب له وإني لما شربت، سألت الله علما نافع   Answer ‘Allamah Dhahabi, ‘Allamah Subki (rahimahumallah) and others have cited this incident regarding Imam Ibn Khuzaymah (rahimahullah). (Siyaru… read more »

Employment and wages

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JazakaAllah bil Khair for your reply to my question at: http://www.askimam.or/public/question_detail/27215 I wish to clarify the question with the following details: The client pays my company, not me, on a per-hour basis (i.e. the client pays my company for every hour of my time). I receive my salary on a monthly-basis, from my own company,… read more »