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It`s Desirable to Ask Allah to be Pleased with all the Companions without Exception

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Ruling on Paying Diyah from Zakat Fund of Killer`s Family

Lying to Escape Punishment is Prohibited

It isn`t Permissible to Pay an Employee`s Salary from Zakah Money

Paying the Zakaah to the Rich Entails Repayment of that Zakaah

It is Permissible to Intend Gifts Given to Relatives on Eid Day as Zakah

When the Right of Shuf’ah (Pre-emption) is Claimed, Property is Taken for the Same Price Determined in the First Sale Contract

Circumvention to Get Fuel Subsidy is impermissible

Giving Zakat to a Jobless Person

Proceeding in a Job with a Fake Certificate is Impermissible

It is Forbidden to Take Money by Fraud and Lying

Charitable Organization Functioning as a Proxy for the Collection of Zakaah Funds

Who is “The Miskeen” Entitled to Receive Zakah?

Using Zakah Funds for the Purpose of Building Mosques