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I am a 12 year old girl.I mistakenly said my freind that you are a goddess of beauty.is this shirk?wht should i do.i feel very sorry for that.

What is the limit of allah’s forgiveness

I have commited a serious sin 15 year back by trying to sexually assault my neibour girl, girls parents got angry and they suffered from serious humiliation,at that time i never…

Is it halal to use this kind of debit card?

I have been working in the present company for the past 6 years. This is also my first company after my education. In the Final semester of my M.asters Degree

1. I went to hajj this year Alhumdulillah and made sincere tawbah regarding backbiting. I had been involved in the past (before going to hajj) in listening to people who talk bad…

N the above case, is this a contemptous action (action is unintentional and mere slip of tongue) as there is no intention towards Prophet PBUH (Naooz Billah)…..Is tawbah be accepted and that person will remain Muslim? and If no, then how that person will enter in Islam again?

Two terms are used, ‘kaafir’ and ‘faasiq’. Please explain that whom we call faasiq and whom we call kaafir …

How can i come over feelings for boys when i now im not gay it started right now before i used to like girls but it all stoped

I know i’m not strong enough to be in a polygamy marriage. He refuses to divorce me. Can he refuse divorce under these circumstances and can he take a second wife even if it will cause me harm emotionally and cause harm to my marriage to him if he doesn’t divorce me?