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Iam a MCA GRADUATE,my question is whether i can applay for the bank job,becuase the jobs in the bank surrounded by itrests.yhat is why iam asking ,or can i applay for the IT officer instead the clerk post?

My mother got re-married three years back to an older man. My mother has two children but not from this man….

Please answer the following questions

What person get 100 lashes actucle what did, what action of zina they do plz anwer dis as soon as possible inshAllah jazkaAllah may Allah geive us all haven

If a wife makes love with another man, will she be divorced automatically? or will divorce happen automatically?

We will have to give a place for bank in our office to provide loans because customer will be interested to buy flats only if they get loans .

I would just like to know weather it is needed to make Wudhu whilst having a bath as you are already Purifying yourself by Bathing from head to toe so then do you still have to make Wudhu?

Is purchasing a vehicle through the bank haraam because of the interest or because of the insurance?

Why do some Ulama STILL make dua for Sultanul-Adil (Just Muslim King) in the 2nd part of Jummah Khutbah? Ignore Haramain (Makki & Madani) in this query because that is just government ruled Khutbah (through & through)!

Is there anything wrong to cut / remove nails, hairs of the head or unwanted hairs at night times. i.e after isha and before fajr (subh)?

Is it kufar to regard Mutta as halal?

We are not allowed as a muslim to deposit money in the bank my question to you is where should a person then deposit his money…

Is it obligatory for her to marry him and only him coz they had physical relationship?

I need to know whether there can be a concession for a female wanting to go for Hajj, my sister in law is a widow.